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Janine Marie Repic


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Janine I will miss dearly, your daily morning calls starting with good morning sunshine we would spend hours on the phone everyday since we first met.
You smart, beautiful woman inside and out. You were one of my best friends and will be missed love you sunshine. You will never leave my heart and memories forever. Marni

Marni Cardenas

I will never be able to watch the movie Due Date without thinking of you. Janine I will miss you so much but know you are at peace and laughing and spreading your joy. I love you friend.

Nicole Winters

Our sincerest condolences to Janine’s family and to all who loved her. We pray that the many beautiful memories she etched in your hearts keeps her present in your lives and tempers the pain from her loss.
– The Munden Family

Mely Fitzgerald

I wish i had one more chance to talk to you, the day you passed i missed your call. i really wish i had answered…. i don’t know what you wanted to talk about, but it will forever be on my mind. Come see me in a dream and let’s have that talk.

To Cameron & Dylan you have my deepest sympathy for your loss.

Janine – I love you and the time we had together


I met Janine 10 years ago at John Mercer’s house. Realizing we were Temecula neighbors, I visited a few times at her home to hang out. She was a sweet soul who’d give you the shirt off her back.
Rest In Peace, Janine…. Prayers for the family and their broken hearts. ❤️💔

Lisa Cantu

We shared our childhood and family together. The three musketeers of Pine Mountain, camping, River time, family events, raising children. Just enjoying life. You will always be missed yet in our thoughts and prayers always! Love you Janine!


When I first moved to Anaheim I remember my first friends I made at Katella were Susan and Janice. I met Janine through her sister of course and I remember one time someone asking me well how do you tell them apart and I was confused because clearly they weren’t totally identical so I thought it was best not to make fun of their ignorance and said for me there was just something about Janine that her smile would literally Light up the room. Some people in our lives have the ability to have that “infectious” laugh or look and Janine truly had a very infectious Smile. Her spirit was very sweet, loving and that smile would just warm your heart. I remember crying onetime at her house over some stupid high school boy issue and Janine came in said a few perky words to make me feel better but it was her laughter and the smile that ultimately made me feel totally at ease. I can’t remember why I was stupidly teenage crying for the life of me, but I will never forget how her spirit just helped my heart feel like everything was going to be okay. I am truly grateful that I got to know her even if it was for just a brief moment through our high school days and that I was one of the fortunate ones that got to be touched by her sweet spirit and that amazingly lovable smile.

Mickey Fridley

Many good family times! Lake Powell, Pine Mtn, LV

Ted Clements

WOW…too many memories to count. Here’s what I remember…
We were in the same kindergarten class, wore the same outfit on the first day and you wouldn’t sit next to me since the only person that you wore matching outfits with was Janice. We always knew each other in grade school and junior high but didn’t become best friends until 9th grade when we both made cheerleading. We were room mates at cheer camp and the rest is history. Inseparable is what we were. Wherever your were I was. Your sisters, became my sisters. We shared clothes, spent the night at each others houses, called your dad my dad and your mom my mom. Your bond with your sisters was impressive. When Janice became pregnant with D, you all banded together and supported her. Helped her with raising him, babysat, myself included, loved that little boy like our own. Yet allowed Janice to still have high school memories with friends and go out while we took turns with D. Cindy and her boyfriend Kieth took us skiing and taught me how. Tammy, you and I had so much fun together. Tree to tree, Penguins yogurt, the drive in’s seeing Top Gun and our first beers. Our boyfriends and the one’s that didn’t work out. We were there for each other through it all. Then we met Ted and Tim. Funny right? Ted and Janine and Tim and Jeanne. We did everything together. Lived near each other in Corona, vacationed together at the river, Arizona, Yosemite and numerous camping trips to Joshua Tree…my favorite memories!! Countless trips to the river. Spending time with Kari and your aunt Becky. Will never forget all the good times. Although over the years, the miles drove us apart, I will never forget the amazing time we had together and our friendship. Our song will always be Never Say Goodbye from Bon Jovi. We used to belt out “with a six pack and a radio” as we were drinking in one of our cars. Not the best thing I know, but whenever I hear that song I think of you. Will love your always and rest in peace. Love you sister!!
Hugs to your dad and sisters too.

Jeanne Hall

Thank you for the countless memories, always making sure there was an extra plate of food on the table when I visited, and for being such a warm, kind, and loving person to everyone around you.

Pierce Bryant